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Refuge for bats



These small insectivorous mammals of a few grams fly silently in our attics, our cellars and our gardens, and rid us cheaply of the mosquitoes and butterflies on which they feed. Far from being excited and naughty, bats have peaceful morals and most often have a rather friendly head. Horseshoe bats, pipistrelles, murins... under these strange names hide 34 species of bats in France, and all of them maintain discreet but oh so important relationships with humans for their survival.


Greater Horseshoe Bat


Pipistrelle Soprane


Eared Gray


Natterer's Bat

What is Operation Refuge?


Welcoming bats in buildings and gardens


At present, practically all European bat species have declined. Protected, these fragile small mammals are however rarely taken into account during the renovation of buildings and the maintenance of gardens. The presence of these very discreet animals being often ignored, their lodgings can be involuntarily destroyed.

The "Refuge for bats" operation is a campaign to conserve bat roosts in buildings and gardens created and led by the Groupe Mammalogique Breton (GMB) since 2006. This operation, transcribed today on a national scale, is carried out by the SFEPM with the support in the region of local associations or existing bat groups.

A Refuge for bats is public or private property, on which the owner morally undertakes to respect the recommendations aimed at guaranteeing the conservation of spaces occupied or available for bats.

The Municipality of Val-de-Vesle is committed

and signed the agreement on November 4, 2020


How to become a "Refuge"?

Whether bats already live in your home or whether you wish to accommodate them, it is possible for you to become a Refuge for bats, free of charge.


To do this, you just need to respect a few commitments such as:

  • carry out your work outside periods when bats are present,

  • use non-toxic products for the treatment of frames,

  • create or keep some disjoints in the walls or under the bridges,

  • preserve access to attics and cellars


To obtain the agreement and become a Refuge for bats, we invite you to contact the regional relay sfepm by email at:


Please specify in your email if you are hosting a colony.


Once your Refuge is created, you will receive:

  • A technical guide "Welcoming bats in buildings and gardens" which explains the customs of bats as well as the precautions to be taken to keep them in buildings and natural spaces. Technical sheets present how to recognize bats, when to carry out the work, how to create an access suitable for bats or build a nesting box, etc.,


  • A sticker that will allow you to identify yourself as the owner of a Bat Refuge,


  • A presentation brochure which is there to promote the operation by setting out its principles,


  • A subscription to the semi-annual electronic newsletter: L'Arche des Chiros.

Where are the shelters?

It's very simple to find out, just click on the image opposite to access the dynamic map of refuges.


Then click on the refuge that interests you to obtain more precise information!

You can also follow the evolution of refuges for Bats in France by clicking HERE.

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