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Municipal life
Greater Reims Urban Community

Formerly a member of the Community of Communes Vesle and Coteaux de la Montagne de Reims (CCVCMR), Val-de-Vesle is now one of the 143 municipalities of the Urban Community of Greater Reims (CUGRe) since 2017.

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The CUGRe now includes many skills including:


-Sanitation and water

-School and extracurricular and leisure reception

-Housing and habitat

-Fire and rescue services

-Urban planning and land use planning

-Transport, travel, roads

-Collection and treatment of household waste and similar waste

-Maintenance and operation of tourist facilities (Camping de Val-de-Vesle)

-Public lighting

You can consult the list of all CUGRe skills on this document.


Purchasing power guide
Grand Reims, ed. 2022

Aides & services gratuits

The low-carbon strategy is the region's contribution to the fight against climate change and to France's energy independence.


But the low-carbon strategy also and above all contributes to the immediate improvement of the quality of life of the inhabitants of Greater Reims: healthier air quality, combating heat waves, better management of rainy episodes and the water, more developed and safer transport services and infrastructure, better insulated housing, etc.


Grand Reims low-carbon strategy

Statégie bas carbone
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