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Marital status

For your requests for a civil status certificate, you can   go to the public service website:  HERE


You will need to fill out the appropriate form directly online, attaching your documents.

official (identity card, proof of address, etc.). A file will be opened in your name and you will receive the progress of your request through your email address.

You can also request an extract from the civil status certificate directly from the Town Hall by post accompanied by a stamped envelope addressed to you.



The marriage is celebrated at the Town Hall of the place of domicile or residence of the future spouses or their parents.

The residence must be established for 1 month of continuous residence at the time of filing the file.


The date of the wedding is free (depending on the availability of the Mayor or his deputies all the same).


We invite you to come and collect a marriage file at the Town Hall.


Parts to be provided:

The married ones :

- Birth certificate less than 3 months old

- Valid ID

- Proof of address or residence of less than 3 months

- The marriage contract if there is one


Witnesses :

- Valid ID

- Provide the following information: Surname, usual name, first name, date and place of birth, profession and residence.


Additional documents may be requested depending on your situation.


The family book and extracts of marriage certificates will be given to you at the end of the ceremony.


Marriage has no effect on the name of the spouses, it is however possible to use the name of the other spouse, by substitution or addition to one's own name in the order he chooses.


The declaration of the user name is made on the site



Acknowledgment of a child serves to establish the bond of filiation with regard to the parent(s) when the latter are not married. Recognition can take place before birth, from the moment the child is conceived (declaration of pregnancy established), or after the birth of the child.


When the name of the mother appears on the birth certificate, the bond of maternal filiation is automatically established. On the other hand, before or after the birth of the child, the father must obligatorily make an acknowledgment of paternity.


It can be done in the Town Hall of your choice, not necessarily in that of the place of residence of the parents, by presenting the following documents:


- Valid ID

- Proof of residence less than 3 months old


We immediately draw up the act of recognition, a copy of which will be given to you. This will be presented when declaring the child's birth after delivery.


On the occasion of the birth of a first child, a family record book is issued.


Note: The recognition of a child can also be made before a notary.



The lawyer sends the necessary documents to the town hall of the place of marriage to update the marriage certificate. This then informs the town halls of the places of birth.


The family booklet must be sent or presented to the town hall of the place of marriage for updating. Divorce entitles the establishment of a duplicate family booklet so that everyone can keep their own booklet.



The PACS is a contract that allows 2 adults to organize their life together.


The registration of the PACS is carried out in the Town Hall in which the partners declare to fix their common residence, or at a notary.


The date of the PACS is free (depending on the availability of the Mayor or his deputies all the same).


We invite you to come and collect a PACS file at the Town Hall.


The 2 partners must meet the following 3 conditions:

- To be of age

- Be neither married nor civil union

- Not having a direct or too close family tie with the other partner


Additional documents may be requested depending on your situation.


Parts to be provided:


- PACS agreement (personalized agreement or standard form: cerfa N°15726*02)

- Joint declaration of a PACS and sworn statements of non-kinship, non-alliance and common residence (cerfa form N°15725)

- Birth certificate less than 3 months old

- Valid ID

- Proof of address or residence of less than 3 months


/!\  The Town Hall is not authorized to keep a copy of your agreement. It is therefore returned to the partners. Therefore, if your PACS file is lost, you will not be able to obtain a copy.

The civil status officer will be able to provide you with a copy of the PACS registration receipt on presentation of an identity document.


The mention of the PACS will be indicated in the margin of the birth certificate of the partners.


Modification and dissolution of the PACS:


The modification and dissolution fall under the jurisdiction of the municipality that registered the PACS, or of the district court for PACS registered before November 1, 2017.


When the PACS has been registered by a notary, only the notary is competent to modify or dissolve it.


The PACS is automatically dissolved in the event of the marriage of one of the two partners, or in the event of death.


or Civil Baptism or Civil Sponsorship


Civil baptism has no legal value, it is a symbolic ceremony and a moral commitment of the godfather and godmother to the child.


The Municipality of Val-de-Vesle saw its first civil baptism celebrated in 1970. There is therefore an internal register where there are listed today (August 2021) 17 baptisms.


At the end of this ceremony, we deliver a certificate to the child, the godmother and the godfather (or the godmothers or the godfathers). However, it has no legal value.


Good to know :

The Parents can also designate a godfather and a godmother (or godfathers or godmothers) as guardians by will or declaration before a notary.


The date of the baptism is free (depending on the availability of the Mayor or his deputies all the same).


Parts to be provided:

- The form issued by the Town Hall

- The identity documents of the parents, of the godfather(s) and of the godmother(s)

- Family record book



Did you just turn 16?

Come to the Town Hall to get registered!


All young French people must complete the Defense and Citizenship Day (JDC).

Be aware that without a certificate of participation in the JDC, your registration for exams or competitions would be refused.

So take these steps without delay!


Calendar of your steps:

Between 16 years and 16 years and 3 months (*)

Get registered at the Town Hall of your home, with your identity document and family record book.


At 16 ½ (*)

As soon as you receive an email, create your account, in order to facilitate your invitation.


At 17 years old (*)

You are summoned to Defense and Citizenship Day.


Between 17 and 25 years old

Present the certificate of participation to the JDC when registering for exams (CAP, BEP, baccalaureate), competitions (grandes écoles, civil service) and driving license.

(*) If you have not respected this schedule, you can take these steps up to your 25th birthday.


Important: You can come accompanied, but your presence is mandatory!

You will be asked questions and the certificate must be signed by you.


The citizen census will also allow you to be registered automatically on the electoral list of the Commune at 18 years of age.

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